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Let me introduce myself...

My name is Atilla Szabo. I'm a pastry chef from Hungary. I have chosen this profession not just because it’s a cool job, but because this is what I have always wanted to be. Since I was a kid I always helped my Grandma whenever I could, to bake strudels, sponge cakes, and just God knows how many other desserts. I was always wondering in the pastry shops looking behind the vitrine's glass, how they made those cakes, what those colorful things are on them. Why the chocolate is so shiny, but not melting in my hands. How to make ice creams? Are those figures edible? Decision was made. I want to be a pastry chef. "Some" years later when I finished my study at the best Culinary college in Budapest, Hungary I had all those answers in my head. but not yet in my hands… And this is where My journey began. I have worked in many places, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés in different countries and I even had my own business, but not for long. This is a sad story, but made me stronger and I never gave up to open up again something in the future… To be better and better, I have spent time and money to join master courses, buy expensive professional books, tools and start to create my own recipes. Yes, now I can make all those things, that so many years ago I was just wondering how to make it. But I never stop learning, because my profession is so beautiful, rich and interesting, always something new comes up, new ingredient, style, taste, and I have to keep up with the trends. This is not just a job but a passion for me. If You  taste one of my creations, You will understand what I mean. I held master courses on different event in Moscow, such as Salon du Chocolat, PIR, Moscow Gastronomy Festival, and I have recipes publicized in different media like Journal Gastronom, Fakty news paper, the annual "I'm pastry chef" recipe book, and some online surface.  Having almost 30 years experience in business, I also offer consultation for pastry shops, cafes or restaurants to create menus, teach techniques, share recipes. If You find my resume interesting, and consider to hire me even as a full time pastry chef, or interested about my service You can find me under the "Contact" menu, and request for my CV.
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